About our hotel
We are a 2* hotel in S'Arenal, the popular holiday resort especially for young tourists. The hotel is located in the district of Llucmajor right next to a large and old forest, hence our name which means "jungle" in Spanish.

We have 106 rooms and are open 24/7, as well as a bar and a pool. Our bus shuttle takes you directly to the beach & Mega Park.
our mission
As a 2* hotel, we want to offer fair prices for hotel overnight stays now and in the future and do not participate in the expensive madness of other hotels. We focus on the essentials, and if you support this mission, we look forward to your stay.
Since 1970.
The hotel has been welcoming guests from many countries for 50 years. From the beginnings of tourism in Mallorca to today, when Mallorca is the number one holiday destination in Europe with up to 13 million tourists per year: the hotel has always been part of this long history.

In 2023, a new chapter in this long history began with a new owner and plans for the future.